I was participating in a collaborative family law meeting. At the beginning of the meeting we often start by asking clients to indicate what their goals are. This wonderful couple came up with a list, with no prompting from lawyers, that struck me as being perfect. It is so good that I keep it in my boardroom and in my client meeting room for all to see. Their goals were:

  • Lessen impact on the children.
  • Share benefits of the partnership.
  • Less money to the lawyers and more money to the family.
  • Positive relationship with children and both parents.
  • Financial stability/security.

When the going gets tough, and sometimes it does in this business, we have to stay focused on the goals...This is wonderful. This could be the goals of all those who separate. This was not lawyers who came up with these goals - it was two clients going through a separation. The couple went on to achieve a practical resolution which worked for them and their children in that meeting.

I share these goals - if these goals represent what you want then give me a call for your free one-half hour phone consultation.


In a typical family law file there are various issues that bear discussion. Each issue is briefly discussed below. It is very important to keep in mind that this outline is general in nature and is simply intended to provide some information for you to consider at your leisure. In family law the facts of each case are critical and each fact situation requires careful consideration by an experienced family law lawyer.

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