"Everyone was great"

This was probably the most difficult, emotional thing that I ever had to go through and this law firm took me through it as if I was their only client. Everyone was great!

"possible consequences"

Anytime I had a choice to make Darrin was always very clear about the pros and cons and possible consequences I could face either way. There was always someone to answer my question as there are three people to talk to rather than just one person, the lawyer.

"Darrin is respectful"

Darrin is respectful, direct & very understanding.  He is also very practical.  That is very refreshing.

"I didn't pay for extra services I did not need"

They were very reasonable and very knowledgeable.

"It was a real pleasure"

It was a real pleasure meeting with you.   I appreciate the time you took to listen to my situation and concerns, and provide candid advise based on what would be best for my daughter and me - rather than what would be in the best interest for business.


If asked about the firm, I would say that they know what they are doing and costs are reasonable.

"straight talker"

Darrin is a straight talker and is not going to tell you what you want to hear at the expense of your pocket book.  He keeps his eye on the goal and was able to get done in an hour what took us 8 months and thousands of dollars to work through.  He is very very intelligent.  I am so glad I have him on "my side".   He knows my agreement better than I do and responds quickly when contacted.    In one week of seeing him, we had a signed Agreement. 

"I appreciate..."

I appreciate that you did not complicate things and respected my wishes.

"I would refer to your firm"

I would refer to your firm as knowledgeable, welcoming, flexible, patient and good value for the money.

"Extremely satisfied"

I was extremely satisfied with the efficient, supportive services of the law firm, which handled my case above my expectations. Starting from the receptionists to the lawyers assistant and the lawyers.